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Newsletter 5th December 2018, Term 4, Week 9

Graduating Students
Congratulations to our graduating Year Six students. You have been fantastic ambassadors for our school and your leadership will surely be missed.
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End of Year Concert
Wow! Thank you to our staff for their efforts this term in preparing our students for the concert. Thank you to Ms Bearcroft, Mrs Robinson and Miss Anderton for their support in setting up and helping to coordinate the night. I think you would all agree, the dancing was spectacular and there were some very deserving awards given out.
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2019 Uniforms
Next year we will be looking at our current school uniform and trying to make it more accessible to families. One change we will be enacting from the beginning of 2019 is rephrasing the sports shoe statement. Instead of the ruling “they must be predominantly white” it will read “no bright colours.”
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Again, thank you everyone for your support this year in helping to make St Patrick’s the best in can be.  School resumes again on Monday 4th February but until then, have a merry Christmas and a safe and enjoyable break.
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Important Dates

  • Fri, 14 Dec 18
    Staff Only

  • Sun, 16 Dec 18
    3rd Sunday of Advent


To provide a safe learning environment, illuminated by faith, in which all students thrive.