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Procedures & Guidelines

Assessing and Reporting Guidelines
The following guideline has been designed in response to The School Curriculum and Standards Authority and its request for all schools to provide an Assessing and Reporting guideline. This guideline will provide students, parents, guardians and the school community with information about how Assessing and Reporting take place within Saint Patrick’s School, Katanning and how it aims to meet the learning needs of all students. The policy is designated into three key areas, Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting.
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Attendance Guidelines
Education is recognised as a fundamental human right and an important building block in the development of children and society (United Nations, 1948). Those who do well in the early and elementary stages of education tend to do better in subsequent stages and develop the critical skills and abilities needed to become productive and responsible adults (Keating & Hertzman, 1999; Zubrick et al., 2006). Attendance is not only a fundamental human right; it is also mandated by law.
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Behaviour Management Guidelines
At Saint Patrick’s, we believe in the importance of being preventative and restorative in managing student behaviour. We believe in the importance of actively promoting and encouraging positive behaviour and we use negative and punitive consequences as a last resort. We value each child as an individual and recognise their God-given dignity. We always consider the best interests of the individual child when addressing their behaviour.
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Bushfire Emergency Plan
This plan is for St Patricks Primary School and has been designed to assist staff to prepare for a total fire ban, catastrophic fire danger rating, or a bushfire.
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Fee Setting and Collection Guidelines
The Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA) has a responsibility to make a Catholic education available to all Catholic students whose parents seek a Catholic education for them, while embodying the Church’s preferential option for the poor and
disadvantaged (Mandate, p 50), insofar as this is possible.
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Homework Guidelines
Whilst homework has been proven to have little to no positive effect on student learning, opportunities for repetition have. Therefore, the following guidelines have been put in place.
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Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan
We seek through this policy, to promote staff, student and family wellbeing and mental health.
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Responsible Use of ICT Guidelines
Your child will have the opportunity to use technology within the school’s facilities this year. This access includes the use of school-funded iPads, school computers, school printers, scanners, Smartboards, robotics equipment etc. These technologies are used for educational purposes as part of a planned class or school activities. It is the policy of this school to provide users with access to relevant and current technologies. This includes communication and collaboration with others within the school and organisations outside of the school, with approval from teachers.
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To provide a safe learning environment, illuminated by faith, in which all students thrive.